Here at Liberty Stables, we do our very best to ensure everyone has a positive and safe experience. If you are a current or future client , we strongly recommend that you read through this handbook. Some of our Rules & Code of Conduct are below: Click here to read whole handbook:


General Rules & C0de of Conduct

Liability Waivers

All students, family and guests are required to sign a liability waiver.  Download the waiver from our website prior to visiting and place signed waivers in the appropriate box in the lower barn.  Printed copies are available in the lower barn if needed.

Waivers are required for everyone who has contact with the horses! Click here for Waiver:

Safety Basics

• All riders, family and guests must wear close toed shoes around horses.

• Helmets are required for all riders under 17. All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet.

• All riders, family and guests must follow the rules and direction of Liberty Stables staff. Riding Apparel

• SEI approved riding helmet

• Long pants

• Boots with a 1⁄4 to 1⁄2” heel.

Dress Code

Appropriate apparel is mandatory at Liberty Stables. Keep in mind that parents and little kids are looking up to you all the time. Liberty Stables enforces a dress code that is appropriate at the farm and when you are showing horses with us. All riders should wear long pants. Shorts and capris are not appropriate when working with or around horses. Tank tops are fine, please wear the appropriate under garments. If Mandy or any other staff feels your clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked to change it immediately.


Children 15 and under are required to have parental supervision when not in lessons.  This means that a parent or guardian must remain with the student until greeted by the instructor.  All minors will need to be responsible for their own food/drinks/sunscreen/clothing while at the farm.  There is now a full service vending machine locating in the lounge. Minors are expected to follow barn rules and follow adult requests.  If damage at the barn is incurred by a minor, the minor’s guardians will be responsible for payment to repair damages.

Handbook & Rules

Mandy reserves the right to adjust rules, prices and make exceptions to policies as she deems appropriate.  The most up-to-date handbook is available for download from the website. Major updates will be communicated to all enrolled students via email.

Notifications of Closing/Cancellations

All closings and cancellations of our facility will be announced in several locations:

Our website:  &

Facebook: (




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