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Liberty Stables is one of Wisconsin’s strongest show barns. We do not require for you to own a horse to show with us! Liberty Stables host several home "training shows" with guest judges to constantly improve our team. We also attend local, regional and national shows.


Any student who is enrolled in our lesson program and owns or leases a horse may participate in the off-site horse shows Liberty Stables attends.  All students are encouraged to participate in on-site mock & fun shows.  Upcoming shows will be posted on the website. A $75 non-refundable deposit is required a minimum of two weeks prior to the show. You may use your own horse and tack or your leased horse and school tack. You are responsible for your own show clothes.


We require a minimum of three horses to attend a show.  An assistant may coach shows with 3-4 riders attending.  Mandy will coach shows with 5 or more horses.  If lack of participants prevents us from attending, your deposit check will be refunded in full. If we have too many interested riders those whose deposit checks were received first will be granted priority.



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Mock Fun Show! October 23, 2016 | 8:30am Start Time | Guest Judge Tia Koehler


What a great opportunity here at Liberty Stables open to ALL current clients & our invited guest! We are excited to welcome Tia Koehler to be our guest judge: Youth and Adult classes will be offered. Costume & Fun Classes too!


This show will be ran just like any other horse show, except we are not hauling out and lots of awards! You will be judged! However there will be training, coaching and tips after most events!! This will be a great show and learning experience for EVERYONE!



If you do NOT currently show - Thats OKAY! I have a whole class series for my "Newbie's"!

You will be judged, will learn a ton and you do NOT need show clothing but will be presentable in normal riding gear that is clean with a nice top. This is a great chance for all our new comers to get their feet wet!!


You can share a Liberty Stables horse but you must sign up ASAP.


Mandy and other instructors will be coaching and getting you ready like any other show. We will be looking for volunteers to help run the show stand, food, ring master etc.. So siblings and parents PLEASE come and help us make this a great show for your kids! We are very excited about this opportunity! Always a day full of FUN!!!


***Please be here by 7am to get registered, ready and warm up***


**** This fee includes help Friday, Unlimited Classes, Coaching, Training and Lunch****

$85.00 all Day Fee (Horse Owners and Leasers)

$95.00 all Day Fee (If using a LS Horse)

$95.00 all Day for guest bringing their own horse (invitation only as this is a private event)

$35.00 to add family member on same/shared horse


Other Options:

$20.00 Students to Audit this Event (includes Lunch)

$6.00 for lunch if not showing


Mock Show: All Day Fees
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