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Liberty Equestrian Center Birthday Parties

Pony Package

One horse saddled up. One child will ride at a time and will be led around our arena by an instructor. This works well for up to five children attending. COST: $140.00 per hour

Cowboy Package

Two horses saddled up. This allows for two children to be led around the arena at a time. An instructor will lead each horse. If you have 6-8 children attending, this package works best. COST:

$185.00 per hour

Rodeo Package

Three horses saddled up. This means three children can be on a horse at the same time. An instructor will lead each horse. We have found this works well for larger groups up to 12 kids. COST:

$235.00 per hour

Ultimate Round-up Package

One horse for each child (maximum of six horses saddled at a time). Each child will groom and learn to tack up their own horse. 45 min. of riding instruction in the arena. Several instructors will be on hand however, each child will ride and steer their own horse. COST: $335.00 per hour

Party Extras:

Grooming/ground work station: If you want to keep kids busy while they are not riding, we would be happy to set up a “grooming and ground work” station where kids can get the chance to groom a horse and learn several techniques of working with horses while on the ground.  Cost:$60.00 per hour