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Riding Packages

Ride on Your Own Package

Ride on Your Own Packages are available October-April as a ten ride package for $250. Rides can be used on your own time, subject to the horse’s schedule, and must be used by the end of April. This package is only available to current lesson students.

Riders leasing can use Liberty Equestrian Center tack. All tack must fit the horse properly. Leaseholders are not responsible for veterinary or farrier costs. Lease horses cannot leave Liberty Equestrian Center property without Tom’s permission.

Ground and Groom Package

Created for those looking for some additional contact with our well trained horses, Liberty Equestrian Center is now offering a ground and groom package. This package enabled our students to come out and groom, snuggle and practice their in-hand work such as Showmanship. Students do not need to be in lessons for this package, but do require approval.

Contact us directly with your desired horse or questions.