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How do I schedule a lesson?

Know your lesson level

Lesson levels are explained below.


Send an email to Include student name, days and times available, and the lesson level. We will try our best to find a time that fits your schedule. Please note that our instructors have set days and times.

Lesson Level Explanations

Level 1

Congratulations! You just graduated Horsemanship. You are comfortable grabbing your horse, tacking up, and being ready to ride by the start time. You are comfortable w/t, and you are ready to learn cantering.

Level 2

Your instructor has told you that you are ready to move from Level 1 to Level 2. You are able to canter comfortably, and now you are ready to work on lead changes and more intricate movements. 

Show Team

You are ready to get showing. You are able to do pivots, lead changes, leg yields, and more. You need to have more concentrated lessons on equitation and the intricacies of showing a horse.


You are able to canter without stirrups, maintain a 2-point during a canter, do quick simple/flying lead changes. You will be doing grids, small courses, and working through what it takes to jump your horse.